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How long is Therapy?

How long is Therapy?
This is probably the question I get asked the most, other than “What is Hypnosis like?” It’s a great question as it allows you to plan and budget for therapy. Let’s look at the research first before jumping into my thoughts about it.  According to a 2010 study published in the American Journal […]

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How much is Too Much Porn?

How much is Too Much Porn?
I actually get this question quite a bit – How much is too much porn?

Unfortunately, there’s not one good answer to that question. It’s really an individual call based on your own values and your own relationship. I do know that if porn or multiple affairs is destroying your relationship or your […]

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“Undeserved” Forgiveness

“Undeserved” Forgiveness
The first time I heard this concept, I totally bust out laughing. I hope you enjoy hearing about and using the “technique” (really, Way of Living!) as much as I do! If you would like to comment on it and let me know your thoughts, please do so on my YouTube channel or on […]

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How to Feel Loved

How to Feel Loved
 Often we want to show love to someone else – our partners, our kids, our friends – and we do it in a way that we like to receive love. It goes something like this, “Well I like to receive little love notes so I’m going to write him/her a love note for Mother’s […]

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  • Have a Happier Relationship with The Gift Giving Guide to YOU!

The Gift Giving Guide to You!

The Mother’s Day (& More!) Gift Giving Guide . . . to You
Mother’s Day is coming up on the heels of Valentine’s Day. Although you would think from Facebook that both holidays are the happiest day of the year, I know I’ll hear about the fallout that caused hurt and emotional pain in the coming weeks […]

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  • Ebook - Your Marriage CAN Change Overnight by Dr. Liz Bonet

Your Marriage CAN change overnight

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