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Hypnosis for IBS – A Highly Successful Treatment

Hypnosis for IBS – A Highly Successful Treatment

Welcome to my website. This video talks about the success of hypnosis for IBS. Medical hypnosis for IBS is a highly researched and highly effective protocol. Researched at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill created by Dr. Pallson, the protocol is for 7 hypnosis sessions every other week.

With just 7 sessions, […]

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Is there a cure for IBS?

Is there a cure for IBS?
This is a question I get from time to time. Since I’m alllll in favor of honesty, the short answer is No! There’s no cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If there was, don’t you think your doctor would tell you about it? Don’t you think your doctor has plenty […]

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An SOS for IBS!

An SOS for IBS!
Let’s get right to the point – IBS is so painful. It’s almost impossible to talk about it without throwing out a lot of puns, but seriously, it’s disruptive to your life like nothing else could be except another serious illness.

Most illnesses, you can take medication for and you’re good for the […]

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Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Stop waking up scared!

Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Stop waking up scared!


Is this you? Do you wake up scared of the day ahead? Do you have to plan your day around the bathroom? I had a friend who went through a really bad period with her Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She often couldn’t make it from one place to another in […]

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  • Hypnosis is an effective treatment for mild IBS

Treatment for mild IBS

Treatment for mild IBS

Mild IBS doesn’t cause significant distress. It tends to visit you less often or just have one or two symptoms. It’s really not at all like severe IBS which can be debilitating, making someone stay close to home, not want to go out, or know exactly where every single bathroom is along the […]

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Hypnotherapy for IBS

Hypnotherapy for IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be a debilitating condition that feels like it has no cure. In fact, it doesn’t have a cure. That doesn’t mean that IBS can’t get better though, to a level where the person often forgets they even have IBS. When talking about treatment for IBS, the information on the […]

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