Featured on the “#Parenting . . . Who?” Podcast about Inner Child Hypnosis

Featured on the "#Parenting . . . Who?" Podcast about Inner Child Hypnosis! I'm honored to be featured on the #Parenting Podcast run by Julie Clarke! She is a registered psychotherapist, child and youth care practitioner and somatic experiencing™ practitioner. She works mostly in private practice in Ontario, Canada as well as virtually online offering one [...]

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When NOT to do Yoga for Self Care

When NOT to do Yoga for Self Care Transcript & Further Thoughts about Self Care I'm filming from home today, obviously! And today's topic is when NOT to do yoga on your own. Now I taught yoga for well over 15 years and owned a prenatal yoga company in South Florida (Yogafairy.com). You often hear [...]

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Launching your Daughter Features Dr. Liz

Launching your Daughter Features Dr. Liz Nicole Burgess does a great podcast that I've listened to for months all about raising daughters, particularly in their teens. Last week she interviewed yours truly about how mindfulness helps me in being a single mom to a teen daughter. It was a fun conversation! You can give it [...]

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Mindfulness for Kids & Teens (and Adults!)

Mindfulness for Kids & Teens (and Adults!) Transcript Hi, I'm Dr. Liz with drlizhypnosis.com and Conversations for Effective Living. Today I'm going to talk about Steven Universe. If you don't know what Steven Universe is, it's this fantastic cartoon. It's for kids, adults, teenagers -  hands down great cartoon. I sort of have my favorites [...]

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