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4 Types of New Year’s Resolution Makers

4 Types of New Year Resolution Makers – What type are You?
It’s that time of year again – the New Year’s resolutions “I promise that this year I will do . . .” time of year. But rarely do resolutions last more than about a month. Yep, survey says that’s about all they last! If […]

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Dr. Liz’s Favorite Parenting Book

Dr. Liz’s Favorite Parenting Book
 I thought I would post today about Carol Tuttle’s book, “The Child Whisperer.” We talked about parenting a lot in my prenatal yoga classes when I was teaching (for 15 years!) and I work with a lot of parents in my practice in Broward County. I was actually on her launch team […]

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  • Dr Liz featured on Launching our Daughters podcast

Launching your Daughter Features Dr. Liz

Launching your Daughter Features Dr. Liz
Nicole Burgess does a great podcast that I’ve listened to for months all about raising daughters, particularly in their teens. Last week she interviewed yours truly about how mindfulness helps me in being a single mom to a teen daughter. It was a fun conversation! You can give it a […]

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  • Steven Universe teaches Mindfulness to Kids & Teens

Mindfulness for Kids & Teens (and Adults!)

Mindfulness for Kids & Teens (and Adults!)

Hi, I’m Dr. Liz with drlizhypnosis.com and Conversations for Effective Living. Today I’m going to talk about Steven Universe. If you don’t know what Steven Universe is, it’s this fantastic cartoon. It’s for kids, adults, teenagers –  hands down great cartoon. I sort of have my favorites over the […]

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