Preventing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety PMD / PPD

Preventing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety PMD / PPD Maternal Mental Health Week is coming up so I thought I would post this valuable video about how to prevent Postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD) also called a Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD). Transcript Hi. Dr. Liz here with Conversations for Effective Living. Filming in my business partner's [...]

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Reducing Pain that causes Insomnia during Pregnancy

Decrease Pain during Pregnancy to reduce Insomnia Reducing Pain that causes Insomnia during Pregnancy Sometimes pain is what causes Insomnia during pregnancy. This can be for several reasons. A common reason is that you’re starting to get bigger and sleeping just becomes uncomfortable sometimes. You’re trying to find a comfortable position and just [...]

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Free Hypnosis for a Better Pregnancy

Free Hypnosis for a Better Pregnancy I taught prenatal yoga in Broward County for over 10 years as the founder and owner of Yogafairy Prenatal Yoga. I would do meditations and relaxations at the end of class. Once I became certified in clinical hypnosis and began to practice it in my practice in Hollywood, which [...]

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Was your birth traumatic?

How you feel about your birth does not equal how you feel about your baby. If you are struggling with feelings about your birth, call 954-309-9071 for a free consultation with Dr. Liz. Our feelings about our births are separate from our feelings about our babies.  Let me say it again. . . [...]

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Hypnosis for Birth by Cesarean

Hypnosis for Birth by Cesarean   Hypnosis quickens healing after a cesarean. Cesareans are one of the most common surgeries that women undergo. There are a couple of concerns when a woman is about to undergo a cesarean. One is her physical stability during the surgery. Two is the healing after the surgery. [...]

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Fears about being a good mom

Parenting is beautiful but doesn't always feel that way! Fears about being a good mom Most women with a baby on the way have fears about being a mom. There are those people who are teachers or work with kids or had younger siblings (a lot) or  who seem to have less fears but even for them [...]

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Hypnosis for anxiety during pregnancy

Hypnosis for Anxiety during Pregnancy Imagine less anxiety during pregnancy with hypnosis. Often when I'm teaching prenatal yoga in Broward county in the South Florida area, I do a meditation at the end of the class for an easier birth or to release stress or to release fears around childbirth. The students love it. [...]

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