5 Ways to Feel more Grounded

5 Ways to Feel more Grounded Transcript and Further Thoughts Today's topic is dissociation. I'm going to do a brief video here. I actually did two podcasts on this that people found absolutely fascinating. It was Episode 4 and 5. There's a part one and part two about dissociation. If you want to learn more [...]

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How to Get Help for Love Addiction!

How to Get Help for Love Addiction! Get Free help for Love Addiction through SLAA. Are your friends totally burned out hearing about your tumoultous relationships? Are your relationships up and down, up and down with drama, drama, drama? Or do you have multiple affairs that are threatening your primary marriage or relationship? [...]

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Three Signs of Love Addiction

To break free of the Love Addiction cycle, schedule a free consultation. Three Signs of Love Addiction Love Addicts assign a disproportionate amount of time, attention, and "value above themselves" to the person to whom they are addicted, and this focus often has an obsessive quality about it. Love Addicts have unrealistic expectations [...]

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