Improve your life or the lives of loved ones with Downloads from Dr. Liz! Live life healthier physically and emotionally with Love Exercising. Live with less pain, feel calmer, and have less anxiety. Or prepare for one of the biggest days in your life with a hypnosis for a Cesarean Birth.

Below are products I’ve developed to help you live your life easier and happier and to bring happiness to the lives of others! Enjoy!


Enjoy exercising hypnosisListen and begin to enjoy exercising, looking forward to it, planning for it, and even dare I say . . . crave it!

Do you hate to exercise and have to drag yourself to the gym (or don’t make it there at all?) This is the hypnosis file for you! What a wonderful feeling it will be to enjoy exercising! That can all be accomplished with regular listening to “Enjoy Exercising” by Dr. Liz.

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Hypnosis Healthy Mindful Eating HabitsChange your Eating Patterns to make Healthier choices with a hypnosis for Healthy & Mindful Eating

Changing eating patterns doesn’t have to be a struggle. This hypnosis helps you develop the new brain pathways to make choosing healthy food easy and something you naturally want to do. It also includes suggestions for mindful eating.


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Decrease Chronic Pain with hypnosis with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

Decrease Chronic Pain with hypnosis.

Having suffered from chronic pain myself, this hypnosis was developed to reduce pain and help you move easier and feel more comfortable.


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Feel Calmer, more in Control, and Happier with a Calming Forest Walk to reduce Fear and Anxiety.


Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth






Reduce fear, reduce complications, and quicken healing time with a Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth.

There are a couple of concerns when a woman is about to undergo a cesarean:

  • Her physical stability during the surgery.
  • Healing after the surgery.
  • Her ability to care for her baby during that time.

Cesareans are one of the most common surgeries that women undergo. For a mama taking care of a baby, faster healing with hypnosis means more mobility, less anxiety, less depression, and a better bonding with the baby. Read more about this Hypnosis Here.

Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth



Calming Face Massage helps rejuvenate the face, reduce anxiety, and reduce symptoms of neurological based disorders such as picking and hair pulling.

A self-guided face massage was a class favorite for prenatal yoga students. This led to the development and eventual recording of a self-guided face massage. Whether you use it for yourself or play it to a child struggling with hair pulling or picking, it’s calming and feels really good.

If you’re buying it for a child, I suggest playing the file and doing the face massage with them, giving gentle support to them learning how to massage their own face as a way to self-soothe during times of stress and prevent future stress.


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If you’ve read the About page, you know that I’ve owned two businesses, sold one, and have been an entrepreneur for going on two decades now. Below is a product designed to help spread compassion, peace, and love in the world with prenatal yoga. Women who take prenatal yoga experience less anxiety and less depression both during their pregnancies and after.

If you’re a prenatal yoga teacher looking to increase your classes, this is premier, proven system for you.

Marketing Prenatal Yoga ClassesMarketing Prenatal Yoga Classes

Women LOVE prenatal yoga! It’s just reaching them to let them know when and where your classes are. That’s it. “Marketing from your Mat” teaches you exactly how to do that.

Marketing from your Mat is The Proven Marketing System for Prenatal Yoga Teachers. It show you How to build Prenatal Yoga classes that are Full with a Paid waiting list!

Marketing from your Mat will teach you how to fill your classes with pretty minimal effort from you. That’s not a joke. I have a professional reputation and references you can check up the wazoo. Just look at all the quotes from women on the Yogafairy website. They are not made up. You can email any one of them personally and they will tell you all about how much of a real person I am and how much they loved Yogafairy classes. I want you to have the same experience as a prenatal yoga teacher.

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