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The Podcast all about hypnosis, transformation, & healing.

hypnotize me podcast all about hypnosis

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I love hypnosis! I launched my podcast to talk about the research behind it, to interview the professionals who do it and to talk to people who have had hypnosis to find out what happened in their lives after hypnosis – Was it effective? How did their lives change? How did they transform? I want to know!

Included are book reviews as well as some free hypnosis. All of that is peppered with great questions and stories along the way!

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June 2017 Update!

I just reached 10,001 downloads of the podcast and am being listened to in 50+ countries! So amazing to me that so many people are interested in and learning about hypnosis. I’m so grateful to all of you for listening and subscribing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hypnotize Me Podcast about hypnosis, transformation, and healing


Launch Video :)!

I manage to work in both fairy dust and the word “magic” in this video! I’m blowing some fairy dust your way too! Enjoy!