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Instructions for Conversational Receptionist

Goal:  To schedule the caller

(1) Free Telephone Consult or (2) In-person appointment

Free Telephone Consult

  • Most calls will schedule this. Feel free to suggest it. 
  • 15 minutes on the telephone.
  • I will call them at the scheduled time.
  • They can ask any questions
  • We’re seeing if we’re a good fit to work together and so that I can answer any questions.
  • Appropriate if you can’t answer their questions.
  • All couples session require a Telephone Consult before scheduling an In-Person appointment. No exceptions,

In-Person Appointment

  • 45-50 minutes unless it’s Hypnosis or Couples which are both 60 minutes
  • For someone who wants to skip the consult and just wants to come in.
  • Let them know that an email will be sent to them with the link to do paperwork online before the appointment

Scheduling Tips

  • No next day appointments. They have to do online paperwork, etc., which takes time. So if it’s a Tuesday, for example, first appointment you could offer them would be a Thursday.
  • Offer them two appointment times to start. For example, “She has a Friday at 10 a.m. or a Tuesday at noon open. Would either of those work for you?”  If they can’t do either of those, then offer them another time, etc.
  • Please do not list off open times. Like do NOT do, “She has 10, 11, and 12 open on Friday.” Instead try, “She has a 10 or an 11 open on Friday. Would either of those work?” Best is to offer two different days though like above.


FAQ:  What does she specialize in?
“Hypnosis, Anxiety and Couples. She’s also a pregnancy and postpartum specialist. I’m sure she can help you, but if there’s any question that’s what the free consult is for. So you can discuss it and make sure you’re a good fit to work together. Would you like to schedule a consult to make sure?”

FAQ:  How much does she charge?
It depends what you’re coming in for. ASK what they’re coming in for! Talk to them a little bit and find out.

  • If it’s for anxiety, depression, etc., then it’s $155/session.
  • Couples is $200 for 60 minutes.  All couples session require a Telephone Consult before scheduling an In-Person appointment. No exceptions,
  • Hypnosis – She offers several packages so it just depends. You’ll have to discuss it with her directly. Would you like to schedule a phone call with her?

FAQ:  Does she accept insurance?
No, but she does offer a superbill that you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement.

FAQ:  Does she do evening appointments?
She only does one evening a week, Thursdays, which is currently full. But if she has availability, then I can schedule you for it. Let me look and see . . .

FAQ:  Does she do weekend appointments?

FAQ:  How long has she been in practice?
You’ll have to discuss that with her directly. Would you like to schedule a free telephone consultation?

FAQ:  Where is the office?
It’s in Hollywood, just west of I95 on Hollywood Blvd.
If they ask for more detailed directions, they are here:  Directions (look on the right side of the page)