Addiction treatment with Hypnosis

Addiction treatment with Hypnosis "Have you ever tried to catch a fairy? Every summer night I try. But overtime I think I've got one -- Oh it's just a firefly!" ~Ann Braybrooks It is the midst of summer here in South Florida. We always say it's like winter for us, as in we all stay [...]

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Does Coloring REALLY reduce Anxiety?

Does Coloring REALLY reduce Anxiety? Coloring reduces anxiety - for real! Grown up coloring books have been all the rage for the last decade or so. Butterflies to Magic Gardens to Mandalas are on the bookstore shelves and Amazon has too many to count. When I was teaching prenatal yoga, one of my [...]

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Layers of the Mind in downtown Fort Lauderdale

Layers of the Mind in downtown Fort Lauderdale                    I was honored to be invited to speak about hypnosis last weekend at the Layers Art Exhibit at the 1310 Gallery in downtown Fort Lauderdale. This gallery is actually an exhibit space combined with artist lofts. The artists [...]

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Anxiety Attacks Eeek! Treatment Tip!

Anxiety Attacks Eeek! Treatment Tip! Here's the worksheet that you can use for an anxiety attack or really anything you're feeling that causes you distress. Transcript Hi. Dr. Elizabeth Bonet here with conversations for effective living and the hypnotize me podcast. Today I'm going to talk about anxiety attacks. This is a big topic. I'm [...]

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Trauma with a “little t” after Hurricane Irma

Trauma with a "little t" after Hurricane Irma Hurricane Irma is over, well, sort-of. . .  Most of you know that I live in South Florida. We spent a week preparing, a couple of days going through the hurricane and are now going through the after effects, Almost everyone was out of power for several days [...]

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How long is Therapy?

How long is Therapy? This is probably the question I get asked the most, other than "What is Hypnosis like?" It's a great question as it allows you to plan and budget for therapy. Let's look at the research first before jumping into my thoughts about it.  According to a 2010 study published in the American [...]

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Katy Perry livestreamed therapy session

Katy Perry livestreamed therapy session I was quite impressed to hear that Katy Perry livestreamed a therapy session so that people could get a sense of what therapy is like, to decrease the stigma, and to highlight how much it can help someone transform. “I have been in therapy for five years,” Perry shared as [...]

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Decrease your OCD Tendencies!

Decrease your OCD Tendencies with treatment in Broward county Transcript Hi. Dr. Liz here with and Conversations for Effective Living. Earlier today I did a promo video for my new podcast, Hypnotize Me, which I film upstairs with my big podcasting mic, my professional mic. When I got up here and I saw on [...]

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